Are Dr.PAWPAW Products Vegan?

The whole Dr.PAWPAW range is vegan-friendly.

Are Dr.PAWPAW Products Cruelty-Free?

The whole Dr.PAWPAW range is cruelty-free. We are PETA approved and certified.

Are Dr.PAWPAW balms natural?

All the Dr.PAWPAW balms are natural. Please check each individual product for %. 

How should I look after my Dr.PAWPAW Balm?

Store your Dr.PAWPAW balm at room temperature. If your balm consistency changes then store in a cool dry place and it will return to its natural state.

Can I use Dr.PAWPAW products if I have sensitive skin?

YES! Dr.PAWPAW is suitable for all skin types and skin tones, including sensitive skin.

Where does your Shea Butter come from?

Dr.PAWPAW’s Shea Butter is sourced from the sub-saharan desert through The Ghanaian Women’s Project.

Can I use Dr.PAWPAW if I'm pregnant? 

We do not see an issue with our ingredients to be used during pregnancy and postpartum however if you are concerned please seek advice from your GP.

Where can I buy Dr.PAWPAW in store? 

To find your nearest Dr.PAWPAW stockist please visit our stockist page here

Where do you currently ship to?

Dr.PAWPAW ships directly to the UK and the US. We have plans to expand this but in the meantime please shop with one of our online retailer partners. 

Does Dr.PAWPAW It Does It All contain sulfates?

No, Dr.PAWPAW It Does It All is both sulfate and silicone free. 

Does the Dr.PAWPAW Everybody Wash & Conditioner contain sulfates and parabens?

No, Both Dr.PAWPAW Everybody Wash & Conditioner are sulfate and paraben free. 

Do you work with influencers?

We do reach out to our team at marketing@drpawpaw.com 

Do you collaborate with brands?

We do reach out to our team at marketing@drpawpaw.com 

How much is your shipping?

Please check our Shipping and returns page for this information 

How do I return something?

Please check our Shipping and returns page for this information 

Where is my order?

If your expected delivery date is not met and you still have not received your order please get in touch with our customer service team on info@drpawpaw.com - please remember to get in touch with your order number.